What will the images, text and colours look like on my baby product?

Our designs are vibrant, sharp and long-lasting. Our high quality graphics penetrate and bind the cotton fibres of your baby garment, ensuring they have a very strong and permanent bond. This means that the clothing is extremely durable and can stand-up to the repeat washing baby clothing requires.

What will the design feel like? Does it last?

Our prints don’t stick to the surface. Instead, they penetrate the fabric to create a soft finish. This means you and bub can enjoy smooth and breathable personalised clothing without a plastic/rubbery finish or rough edges. Your first wash of the garment will reveal the soft and tattoo-like quality to the print.

We don’t screen print. We don’t use plastisol, the key component used in screen printing, which sticks to the surface of fabric. Screen printing creates a heavy and non-breathable image which can crack and peel. Our smooth, durable and breathable prints are more baby-friendly.

There is a transparent overprint area around my print. Will it go away?

Yes. You may see a clear overprint area around your design. However, it hasn’t actually transferred into the fabric. It will wash away.

Please wash your garment/s before wearing, as this reveals the soft and smooth finish to our prints.

Why 100% cotton?

We stock 100% cotton baby garments. Cotton is hypoallergenic and is the best choice of material for those who have sensitive skin. The natural fabric breathes well and allows for better air circulation, which helps remove and absorb body moisture. It is the ideal wash-and-wear fabric and lasts longer than any other fabric. Cotton keeps you cool in the summer and protects against the cold in winter by providing thermal insulation, making it ideal for babies all-year-round. It is soft and stretches easily, making it comfortable for bub to wear. 

How are Word On Baby products made?

Our products are made, with love, one at a time. They are custom designed and made for each individual customer. Word On baby onesies, tees, bibs and burp cloths are not mass printed in industrial machines. We 'get our hands dirty' and print into them ourselves. So our customers should expect to receieve a product that has been printed with our time, care and hearts. 

You don't have what I want. Can you still help me?

Yes! We can produce any design on our onesies, tees, beanies and bibs. Email us at info@wordonbaby.com.au with details of your unique request so we can help you out. 

How do I know what my 'Design Your Own' product will look like?

You are very welcome to request a proof of your design. Please ask for one in the 'notes' section when you check out. We will email a design proof to you and won't make or ship your product until you are 100% happy with the design. The more detail and information you give us when requesting a 'Design Your Own' product will help us to be as quick and accurate as possible. 

Do you only have white garments?

Currently, yes. Because our prints dye the fabric they are most effective on a white garment. 

How is my order shipped?

Word On Baby uses Australia Post to ship its products. We refrain from using excessive materials when packaging your order so we are able to offer our Australian and International customers shipping at a very low cost. 

Where are you based?

We are a husband and wife team who are based in Queensland, Australia. 

How do I use a promo or coupon code?

If you have a Word On Baby coupon or promo code you can apply this at the cart checkout page and press 'apply'. All coupon codes have an expiration date and if that date has passed it is no longer valid. If there are any issues with your code working, please email info@wordon.com.au. 

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, as long as the item has yet to be custom made or shipped, which normally happens 12-24 hours after you’ve placed your order. Because most of our products are made individually for each customer, if your purchase has gone into production we are unable to cancel your order. For any questions you can contact us at info@wordon.com.au. Be sure to have your order/confirmation number available.

Can I see a design proof?

You can customise any of our designs if you want to, and it is very important to us that you are happy with the design being printed on your Word On Baby product. So, if you would like to see a proof, we are definitely happy to email one to you and make any changes needed afterwards. Please note that proofing will obviously delay the delivery of your products. Once you are happy with your proof we will put your order into production and ship it to you. We do try to be as quick as possible without compromosing quality and customer satisfaction. 

Do you ship overseas?

We do! Please visit our shipping page for details. 

I need a product urgently for a special occasion! Can you help me out?

We take 3-5 days to custom make all orders before they are shipped. However, if you request a rush order we will try our best to help you. There may be times we can get an order to you quickly. 

To see if we are able to help, please send us an email and let us know about your deadline before placing your order. Usually if you place an order before Wednesday (and have confirmed with us before ordering) and select our express post method upon checkout, we can get it to you by the Saturday. Via email we will: 1. Confirm we are able to meet your deadline, 2. Ask you to place an order online and select express post upon checkout, 3. Send us another email after you've placed your order to remind us it is urgent. 

Can I order a matching or custom printed mummy top?

You can! We are in the process of introducing a mummy and daddy range to our online store. However, in the meantime you are welcome to email us to make a special request for a ladies or mens printed white top or t-shirt. Please let us know the size and style you are after. There may be a slightly longer wait on your order as we will source the top especially for you.